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Top videos section is made to be something that makes the browsing much easier and the sex comes quickly to the browser. The gay sex is a rising and alluring new thing that most have not discovered yet so this is a bit of an exclusive site to be on. What is a top videos section? It is a place where all of the videos come in and you, the fans grade the videos and put an input about the quality of the video. The section is the fav of our fans as this is the place where they have a call about what is hot and what is not. So the section is fan driven and the videos then get to be great by default. As this is supposed to be a welcome page, we welcome and invite you to give your own input to the site and to the section and grade the videos. They are all great but it is a small nuance that makes one better than the other. You get to decide this and it is a fun thing to do as the videos will challenge your taste. Welcome and enjoy the stay on our site.